How do I become a member?

You may join by clicking the following link and stepping through the prompts: JOIN.  

Regular membership= $75 per year
DCE Student/Intern = Free
New Graduate = $50 for first year
Retired = $50 per year

Membership renewal will occur on the anniversary date of the initial membership.


Who can be a member of NADCE?

Voting Members:  All rostered Ministers of Religion – Commissioned – classified as Directors of Christian Education (DCEs) of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LC-MS).  This includes active, candidate, non-candidate, and emeritus status.

Non-voting members: Other Ministers of Religion – Commissioned or Ordained – of the LC-MS, who are responsible for the faith formation of children, youth and adults.

-Students enrolled in a DCE training program in the Concordia University System.

-Others interested in Lutheran Christian Education.


Why Join NADCE? 

This is your professional organization.
If you are a certified Director of Christian Education in The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, this is YOUR professional organization. It exists soley to serve you! If you are a DCE student at one of the Concordia University DCE training programs this is also YOUR professional organization that will be part of your future career in DCE ministry. If you are a retired DCE this is your place to connect with your colleagues and continue to support the profession that has been such a blessing in your life. If you are involved either professionally or as a volunteer in Christian Education in the church, then you can join the organization too.


Professional Connections
NADCE offers you an extensive network connection to your peers in ministry through the forums offered on this web site and the Facebook page.  These two platforms of communication allow you to engage in vital conversations with other DCEs around issues that affect your day to day ministry.


Resources Available to Members
There are online resources that are only available to members.  Once you have become a member, your username provides you full access to the NADCE web site and the resources contained in it.  Members also receive the NADCE Quarterly, a publication that takes on issues and topics relevant to DCE ministry.


Advocacy for the DCE Profession
NADCE provides an intentional Advocacy function for DCE ministry in the LCMS.  NADCE is committed wholeheartedly to carrying the banner of professional advocacy forward in the arena of church-at-large discussions and decisions, especially those affecting the well-being and future of our members.


Professional Conferences
NADCE will sponsor a conference every two years which will provide you the opportunity to gather together as a professional community and the hosting of auxillary events at other conferences of the church – LEA Convocation. the National LCMS Youth Gathering, Youth Ministry Symposium, the National LCMS Youth Workers Convention and other special events which DCEs attend.  We also provide a place to share Regional DCE Conference and District DCE Event information on this site. Submit your Regional or District DCE event information online.


Professional Development
Professional development and continuing education are important for you to engage in as a church worker.  NADCE is committed to encouraging your continuing education endeavors through its connections and relationships with the providers of these endeavors like the Concordia University System, KINDLE and others.

National Association of Directors of Christian Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

505 S. Kirkwood Rd. St. Louis, MO 63122

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